Club Self Analysis

1.) Does your club meet regularly?

2.) Are club meetings well attended?

3.) Is there an interesting program or speaker at dinner meetings?

4.) Is discussion of business kept to a minimum at dinner meetings?

5.) Are club meeting facilities adequate?

6.) Are all members made to feel welcome?

7.) Are dinner meetings an enjoyable experience?

8.) Do all meetings start & end on time?

9.) Are all meetings run efficiently & effectively?

10.) Do members look forward to attending dinner meetings?

11.) Does the club have active "standing committees"?

12.) Are the club's projects organized by special "project committees?

13.) Are Committe chairpersons aware that dinner & board meetings are not the time or place to plan the projects?

14.) Does the club have an active Board of Directors?

15.) Does the Board meet regularly?

16.) Are all members encouraged to share their ideas with the Board?

17.) Are all club officers, directors and chairpersons effective?

18.) Is the club represented at all Zone and District meetings?

19.) Is negativity within the club discouraged and kept to a minimum?

20.) Are personality conflicts identified early and resolved in a friendly matter?

21.) Does the club publish a regular newsletter?

22.) Does the club have an active phone Committe?

23.) Are the members reminded on a timely basis of upcoming events and meetings?

24.) Are absent members contacted?

25.) Does the club regularly recruit new members?

26.) Are all new members made to feel welcome?

27.) Are all new members properly inducted and orientated?

28.) Are all new members immediately placed on a committee and given something to do?

29.) Is participation in the club fun?