The Value of One Member

10 Members standing in a line, one disliked the president, and there were 9.

9 Members planned to work quite late, one forgot her promise and then there were 8.

8 Members with good deeds of heaven, one lost his enthusiasm, and there were 7.

7 Regular members got into a fix - they quarreled over the program and there were 6.

6 Members were very much alive, one moved away, and then there were 5.

5 Members discussed the need for more, but one who thought 5 was fine left and then there were 4.

4 Members as cheerful as could be, until one complained of too many meetings and then there were 3.

3 Eager members knew what to do, one joined Rotary, and then there were 2.

2 Faithful members, our rhyme is nearly done, one got discouraged and then there was 1.

One lone member won his neighbor true, brought him to meetings and then there were two.

Two earnest members, each enrolled one more - that doubled their number and then there were four.

Four sincere members worked and couldn't wait, till each had won another and then there were eight.

Eight enthusiastic members got eight more and in just six more verses the enrollment is 1,024!!!

Remember, personal contact and making others feel they are important and necessary to your organization is vital!!

The lifeblood of any organization is the ADDITION of new and active members AND the RETENTION of enthusiastic and involved current members!!