The Five Steps to Creating Awesome Scrapbooks

By Denise Nacev


Step #1 Organize

  • Put pictures and memorabilia in chronological order

  • Store in a dry, safe spot until ready to put in Scrapbook

Step #2 Select

  • Choose the pictures you are going to put on the page

  • Crop the pictures to get the best look

Step #3 Mount

  • Select the colours you would like to emphasize Select the paper colour to compliment

  • Arrange the layout of the pictures and paper

  • Mount it on the paper

Step #4 Journal

  • Write the story that explains the photos

  • Don't forget to put people's names

  • Use "Safe" markers


Step #5 Enhance

  • Make the page outstanding by adding stickers

  • The photos and story are the most important part so don't clutter the page