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Our District includes 99 Texas Counties, 100,000 Square Miles, Population over 20,000,000, at least 5,000,000 Youth,
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Young Texan/Texanne Club Chairs - WELCOME to the new Optimist Year! If you are a returning chair or have just joined us - we say THANK YOU for your dedication to this Scholarship Program.

The Young Texan/Texanne Corporation has given over $300,000 in scholarships throughout the years. This past year, $14,000 in scholarships were awarded! The goal for this upcoming year is $25,000.

As the scholarships rise, the club participation rises as well. And Always remember....you can't win, if you don't enter!

Below are the newly updated resume packet with all necessary forms and information.

YTT Honoree "Nomination" Form
 (Must be completed in full - including student & Parent contact information for resume to be accepted.)

YTT A Primer (Description)

YTT Resume Instructions

YTT Suggestions for Resume

YTT Resume Sample

If it is more convenient, you may email your resume each month to the District Chair. Please identify the "honoree" form by name, however on the resume, put the First and Last Name initial with the month (i.e. PH - January.) We are trying to speed up the process of the judging at both the District and State level - and hopefully, this will help to better inform you the club Chairs and the students. 

Young Texan/Texanne