South Texas District


District Junior Golf Qualifiers

June 4-5 - Two Day Tournament
Hyatt Lost Pines Resort - Wolfdancer Bastrop, Texas


June 7
Panther Trail Golf Club
The Woodlands, TX

If you can assist in either of these tournaments, contact Kyle Cowand

Message from Governor Gil

4th Quarter Wishes

We still have the full month of June to complete our 3rd Quarter Wishes and we have accomplished much.  We are currently number one in our region but still need much more to accomplished.  It is my utmost wish that by the time we have the 99th Annual Convention in Ottawa, Canada our beloved South Texas District will be in the positive in membership. This goal is very attainable as we only need 14 new members.  I will continue to encouraged the Clubs to have NOW programs and promote the recruitment of EDUCATORS.

As we leave the 3rd Quarter let me recap the happenings that recently occurred We met in Kerrville, Texas and we were received with a beautiful reception planED by Zone 4 under the direction of Lt. Governor Fay Hopkins.  Many Thanks go to Woody and Kathy Woodruff for been gracious enough to dedicate their time and energy in being hosts to our special guest, Vice President Ron Benson our Southwest Region ambassador from Optimist International  

Saturday morning training was prepared by one of the first ladies of Optimist International and currently a member of the Optimist International Foundation, Jan Oord Graves.  Her chosen topics were well received and well attended by our members.  Our afternoon, began we the much-awaited Oratorical Contests.  Many thanks to our chairs, Nancy Mason and Amberly Diaz for providing us with great Contestants that the made the decisions of the Judges super difficult.  The competing students were definitely the leaders of tomorrow.

The rest of the Conference was culminated by a banquet honoring our special guest Ron Benson where he delivered an enthusiastic and energetic speech that reminding us the reason why we are optimists.  TO PROVIDE SERVICE FOR THE KIDS.

As your Governor, I really appreciated TEAM 2017-2018 for supporting our endeavor and especially for their attendance.  With the Exception of two all the Lt. Governors were present and address the needs and accomplishments of their zones, thank you all for your help and let’s finish strong while having fun and not take ourselves seriously.  Let’s continue to keep our Beloved District on top of ALL OF OPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL LETS GO BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES

Third Quarter District Meeting

May 4-6 2018 in Kerrville at the Y.O. Ranch Hotel and Conference Center

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From Optimist International President Nick Prillaman

Dear Governor Gil,

I want to thank you for the outstanding job the 2017-2018 Team is doing! You only have to look at the Scoreboard to see the validity of my statement! At the writing of this message to you, our team has chartered 54 new clubs and achieved a -931 in overall net growth. This puts us in a great position as we prepare to open our 100th International Convention and launch our Centennial Year.

Even though we are moving in a positive direction and enjoying many successes, the challenge facing us is to finish the race “Optimist Strong.” Robin Sharma said, “Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic.” Our goal is to have an epic finish for the 2017-2018 year with positive membership growth and the chartering of a minimum of 100 new clubs. To accomplish this, we must not lose our momentum and make sure we stay focused on the job at hand. Now is an excellent time for you to do a reality check and evaluate what is happening in your District and your District Team. You need to determine what is working and what is not working. You need to anticipate any setbacks that might arise and develop a new plan of action, if needed, to help you get back on track. I can assure you that at this point you are still in the race. You may have a few more challenges than some of your fellow governors, but with a new course of action, these obstacles can be overcome. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance – never forget we are a team! We are a powerful team that has up to this point performed extremely well. Now we must prepare ourselves to finish the race. We must never quit, never let up in our quest to serve more children, share Optimism with more people, and open more communities to Optimism as a philosophy of life.

Let us challenge ourselves to finish the third quarter in epic fashion by achieving our goal of 70 new clubs and reducing our net membership losses significantly. At present, our net losses are at -931. This is a spectacular achievement! We haven’t in been this position – in striking distance of meeting our year end growth goals for over a decade. Let’s strive to arrive at our Convention in Ottawa with our overall net growth under a minus eight hundred. Let’s keep the momentum and turn our net losses into a net gain! Working together we can do it!

Be Optimist Strong – Be the Difference!

All the best,


P.S. Thank you for the Club within a Club the South Texas District organized this quarter. Your efforts and dedication are helping make the 2017-2018 Team Optimist Strong. You are only one new club or Club within a Club and a net plus 15 members away from being a “Pacesetter” Governor. You are definitely Optimist Strong and I know you are up for the challenge!


2017-2018 Governor Gil Ortiz

Our District includes 99 Texas Counties, 100,000 Square Miles, Population over 20,000,000, at least 5,000,000 Youth,
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