South Texas District of Optimist International 2015-2016 Governor John Blackwell

Our District includes 99 Texas Counties, 100,000 Square Miles, Population over 19,000,000, at least 4,500,000 Youths,
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From the Governor…

Pump Up

Yes indeed, Martha & I are extremely pumped up for Optimism!  What a great convention!  The weather was either hot or COLD.  The Canadians  really know how to put on a convention and I will say that the Hello party was top of the line. The food was not of the South Texas style but was good.  The old friends that were there and the new friends met made the trip worthwhile.  San Antonio was well represented as the district was.  There were 7 first timers from my club plus Jan and Ron Graves from the San Antonio club.  Of course, our Governor Elect Carol Hodges was present.   From Baytown, Stan and Sherrie White arrived late because they did get involved in some washed out bridges.  Stan and Sherrie should be commended for their dedication to Optimist International.

A lot of changes to the By-Laws were made and those will be sent out soon along with some referred to the Budget and Finance Committee.  The changes to Honor Club are changed drastically.  Those clubs who want their club recognized by OI as Honor Club or Distinguished clubs should really read these changes.  Especially the part where the club MUST have submitted there Club Officers Election Report, have designated and Club Foundation Representative and Submitted the Presidents Pride Report.  There are other changes, but these are the major changes that I can think of now.  I will E-mail all Lt Governors and Club Presidents that I have correct E-mail addresses. 

I know that most of you have been to many international conventions and Conferences. If you can top this, I will shut up.  One member has been coming to the International Conference since 1962.  The next Convention is in Albuquerque, NM.  Our incoming President Jim Kondrasuk whose motto is  " Together We Can".  We as a District should be able to send 75 to 100 members to this convention.

Now on the serious side.  How did I let five clubs be disbanded; lose over 150 members; and built no new clubs?   Those who went to the Great Spirit, I understand, even those who moved to another city but 150 members dropped?  I take full responsibility for this gross mismanagement.   We have clubs lose 20 members, 30 and over 40 members.   I should have had better plans and the obvious more visibility.  

With all being on the table my questions to all clubs is "WHY ARE WE PUNISHING KIDS"?  If you have new members , put them on the OI books!  Pay the dues.  Use all of the OI incentives.  Why are we still showing zero growth or negative growth?  Where is your hearts?

The Voice is out, hotel cost $119.00  I hope you come to the STXD Convention.  Meet your new Governor and her staff.  It should be an exciting year.

John Blackwell

Make A Kid Happy!

At the District Convention, Past South Central Texas District Governor and Optimist International Vice President Gil Ortiz was elected to be Governor-Elect for the 2016-2017 year..

Pictures from the ribbon-cutting of the brand new skate park in Live Oak which was built due to the efforts of the Metrocom Optimsist Club

Town and Country Optimist Club sponsored a shoe shopping trip for the Boysville Shelter children at the DSW store in the Forum, and they made the 6 o'clock news on KSAT!