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At the District Convention, on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, we will have our annual Memorial Service to honor those Optimists who passed away during the past 12 months.  If you are aware of any of your Club members who died during the past 12 month, please send their names to me so that I can include their names in the service.  E-mail me at:

Message from Governor Gil

Gov Gil – Revised Last Quarter Wishes

As we left the Annual Convention in Ottawa, Ontario, we left Optimistic that we are in the process of having the best year in Optimist International in 20 plus year. We are only 700 members short and are at a record pace in club building throughout the world.  President Nick consistently yell “YES WE CAN” and I echo the same message.

We have 78 days left and we are in a great position of ending our year in a positive note.  But to accomplish this task, I need the help and assistance of all the fifty-eight (58) clubs in our District.   Lately we have forgotten to add new members and most club appear to be cleaning their rosters and deleting one or two members.  At present we are only minus 34 members.  If my calculations are correct and each club adds one new member we will be plus 24 in membership.

I have contacted the ten (10) Lt. Governors in each zone and have encouraged them to contact all the clubs in their zones and promote NOW programs.  They are the best tool in the recruitment of new members.

In my thirty-seven (37) years as an Optimist, I have always known that it all begins at the Club Level.  The very existence of Optimist International is due to club members that promote programs that include the participation of kids in your community.

As an added incentive to the already the one in place and can been seen daily in our website, I have added the following, any members that build two (2) Optimist Clubs or recruits 25 members before the September 30, 2018, I will personally pay their registration fee at the 100th Optimist Convention to be held in Louisville, Kentucky on June 30, 2019 thru July 30, 2019.

Remember let’s go out and have fun and remember more members will served more kids in our community. See you soon in Round Rock at Wingate.

District Convention

August 10-11,2018 in Round Rock at the Wingate by Wyngham & Williamson Conference Center

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From Optimist International President Nick Prillaman

 Race for the Flag  


Winner in each Heat will be hosted by President Nick in Louisville, Kentucky to Lunch at the famous Kentucky Downs!   Recognition on Stage in Louisville and more!!   Weekly updates!  ALL Drivers start equal on July 1st.    Net Growth July 1 to September 30th!   Sprint to the final FLAG!!  

The GOAL to WIN your HEAT!   


1st Heat!


Tom Kendo   The Ohio District

Mary Lou Abrams  Southwest Ontario

Calvin Hunter   The Caribbean

Andrea Rodriquez  South Florida

Gary Engelke   SWIS District

Tony Yaggie   WINUM

Lynn Reiter-Woodhead  CALSOUTH

Melissa Cohen   Pacific Southwest

2nd Heat!


Jim Pipe   Mid-West Ontario

Tony Edge   Central Ontario

Mike Padilla   Pacific Southeast

Patti McKerchie   Arizona District

Mary Still   GATEWAY District

Donna Aker   Capital Virginia

Daniel Grice   South Carolina

Bill Stone   Maryland South Delaware

3rd Heat!


Danielle Dupont  Quebec West

Laurie Ferris   New York New England

Lynne Marting   New Mexico West Texas

Lance Kellenbarger  Kansas

Jacqueline Sullivan  Alabama Mississippi

John Lasater   Tennessee Arkansas

Timothy Reardon  Pacific Central

Vallier Cote   Quebec East Acadie

4th Heat!  


Gil Ortiz   South Texas

Joyce Filsinger   Oklahoma

Chuck Schuder   East Missouri

Kurt Gassen   Louisiana

Carey Foster   North Carolina East

Denise Haynes   Kentucky West Virginia

Rejean Rajotte   Quebec South

Manon Daigneault  Quebec Central

Eugene Riordan   Atlantic Central

5th Heat!


Leslie M Dome   Nebraska

John Del Re   Illinois

Kevin Hammell   Dakotas, Minnesota, Manitoba

Bruce Gilbertson  Pacific Northwest

Yvon Quesnel   East Ontario

Don Pfeiffer   Iowa

Darlene Friel   West Missouri

Sandra Doyle   Indiana North

6th Heat!!


Theresa Jarratt   Michigan

Diane Clark   North Texas

Bill Large   North Florida

Stuart Matice   AMS&NW

John Swanborg   Colorado Wyoming

Mark Wilson   Indiana South

Michel Frigon   Quebec East North

Daniel Mallard   North Carolina West


For the Installation Banquet, dress for Ladies is Sunday dress, cocktail or formal-short or long dress.  For Men—Black Tie  for Executive Committee Members.  Other members can wear Black Tie or Coat and Tie.

2017-2018 Governor Gil Ortiz

Our District includes 99 Texas Counties, 100,000 Square Miles, Population over 20,000,000, at least 5,000,000 Youth,
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