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100th Optimist International Convention July 8-10, 2018 - Ottawa, Ontario

A New Message from O.I. President Nick Prillaman to Governor Gil
Second Quarter Incentives

Dear Governor Gil,

Good evening! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful New Year!

I wanted to thank you for helping our team accomplish a very successful first quarter. Our “Hard Chargers” delivered for us 20 new clubs, exceeding our goal of 17. The last time this many clubs were built during the first quarter was a decade ago. However, the most encouraging news is that our net loss in membership of -895 was the lowest in 28 years. This is a significant step in our quest to achieve positive growth for the 2017-2018 year. Your hard work, determination, and commitment to our Action Plan and goals has given us this results. You are awesome!

Our next challenge is to keep the momentum we’ve achieved going in the second quarter. First quarter I challenged each Governor to volunteer to be a “Hard Charger” by committing to build at least one new club. 27 Governors accepted the challenge and 20 new clubs were built. For the second quarter the challenge is to become a “Supercharger” and increase our momentum by building at least one new club and launching a monthly campaign to call your District’s Club Presidents. Our goals for second quarter is to build 23 new clubs and show a positive gain in net growth across our organization. If you already have a calling campaign in place then you’re already halfway there! The calling campaign is a direct approach and an appeal to our club Presidents to help us turn the tide and reduce our deletions. Retaining our membership is a Club function. This will not happen by wishing and hoping – we must become very proactive.

I have directed the International Membership and Club Fitness Advisor Committees to develop a plan of action for calling our Club Presidents. Very shortly we will share with you the details of this program. We are going to launch it second quarter and continue it for the rest of the year.

We are also going to start putting people in the field to assist you with new club building and membership recruitment. However, in order for this to work and maximize the use of both our people and financial resources, you, as Governor, have to be involved and take the lead in helping us determine where these individuals and teams will go. You as leader of your district must take a proactive approach to growth or it will not happen.

Incentives for the Second Quarter

Growth of our clubs must be our number one priority. We must work with our Presidents and encourage them to join our quest. Working with Executive Director Benny and staff we have developed several Second Quarter Incentives targeted at local clubs to encourage them to add new members. Additionally, we are focusing on building more Junior Optimist Clubs. They, along with our adult clubs, are a valuable resource in helping us expand our services to youth and establishing and reinforcing the Optimist brand in their respective communities. 

Creed and Purposes roll-up banners are a sought after item for Clubs, and Optimist road signs provide Clubs a great way to market themselves and show case the Optimist international brand.

The Second Quarter Incentives are as follows:

Recruit seven new members into any adult club or charter an new Junior Optimist Club in the second quarter and receive your choice of:

•  Roll-up Optimist Creed banner

•  Roll-up Optimist Purposes banner

•  Optimist road sign     

If you have a question or need more information please contact membership@optimist.org

Mid-Term Conference

Last, but not least, I trust you are getting ready for our Mid-Term Conference, February 1-3, 2018.This conference is structured as a forum for you and your fellow governors to discuss our Action Plans – what is working and what is not working. What do you need from Optimist International to help you and your District team achieve your goals for this year?  I am very much looking forward to seeing and working with you again. Travel safe.

Be Optimist Strong – Be the Difference!

All the best,



Good Morning Vice President and Governors!


I hope you all had a safe trip home after the Mid-Year Meeting, it was Great to see each of you last Weekend.


Let me remind (and inform the Governors who could not attend) the Dinner Challenge for you between February 3 and March 31st


District-Region Challenge:    Top 5 Governors and Top VP’s in net Growth between February 3 and March 31st…..everyone starts equal.      Dinner with you and your Spouse with President Nick in Ottawa.  


 Current Standings:                           1.  Illinois District              +2

                                                          1. Ohio (tie)                     +2

                                                          2. Eight Districts are tied at +1  Iowa, NCE, SFL, STX, COWY, QC, QW, PSE


Vice Presidents   #1 Three-way tie, St. Lawrence Region + 2, NE and Great Lakes +2, Southwest Region + 2


Steak and Beans Challenge for the Regions:       VP Lunch immediately after the Governors Meeting in Ottawa, Region net Growth between February and March 31st.


Currently Eating Steak:  VP Robert Doyle, VP Bob McFadyen, VP Ron Benson all at +2,  VP Hal Sewell +1 and VP Jim Pekny both +1 Coin Toss)


Currently Eating Beans: VP Hal Sewell or VP Jim Pekny + 1 (coin toss),   VP Lou Anna Hardee -7, VP Bob Floyd -3, VP Roger Lesofski  -2


Remember this Challenge is net growth between Saturday February 3 and March 31st….everyone started equal on Saturday February 3rd.  


WHO will eat Dinner with President Nick and Dottie in Ottawa………who loves yummy BEANS!  


We will update this scoreboard weekly!  


Best regards,




Question:    Do New Club Charter Members count?  YES  Do Friends of Optimist members Count?  YES  Do College Members Count   YES    Do Teachers Count  YES     Pretty much the answer is YES !!! 


Help your Clubs be stronger, healthier and wiser!  The Answer to any Question…….is a new member!  New Members bring new excitement, ideas, energy and longevity to a Club! 

South Texas District


District Junior Golf Qualifiers

June 4-5 - Two Day Tournament
Hyatt Lost Pines Resort - Wolfdancer Bastrop, Texas


June 7
Panther Trail Golf Club
The Woodlands, TX

If you can assist in either of these tournaments, contact Kyle Cowand

Message from Governor Gil

2nd Quarter Wishes

We are one month into the 2018 and have concluded the 2nd Quarter District Meeting.  Those that attended were not disappointed as our hosts, the Bryan/College Station Optimist Club greeted us with southern hospitality equal to none and the venue was very appropriate for our meeting. Two of the major highlights of the conference were the Catch A Rising Star Program and the Saturday night Awards Ceremony done by Past Immediate & Distinguished Governor Carl Hodges

The Catch A Rising Star Program was conducted on Saturday afternoon and there was not an empty seat in the room.  The program presenters, Ed Finn, Jack Hopkins, Jan Oord Graves, Fay Hopkins and Jerry Eschberger were fantastic and had all the attendees glued their seats listening to their testimonials.

The Saturday Night Ceremonies was welcomed by the best attendance in many years and this was partially due to the great work done by Governor Carol in the year 2016-2017. Many Clubs and members were recognized as Distinguished and Honor Club. CONGRATULATIONS DISTINGUED GOVERNOR CAROL

I definitely would like to continue the success that our past administration deserving received.  For that to happened, I need the help of the all the clubs and members of our great District.  This past Meeting only two (2) members took advantage of Go Beyond the Boundaries Incentives and they received free registration. I would like to issue a challenge to all the members to imitate these members and received free registration.

President Nick has also proposed incentives for the 2nd Qtr and they are listed below.

There were also some indications of possibly of new clubs been organized and if that happens those responsible can add free lodging to their free registration. Remember the winners are the kids.  More new members serve more kids.

I left our District Meeting energized and I’m willing to travel where needed. If you are having a NOW or initiating a New Club, all you must do is ask and I will be there.  Let us do our best and expand of services to the youth of our communities.

-Governor Gil

Third Quarter District Meeting

May 4-6 2018 in Kerrville at the Y.O. Ranch Hotel and Conference Center

Download the Registration Form

Download the Meeting Schedule

2017-2018 Governor Gil Ortiz

Our District includes 99 Texas Counties, 100,000 Square Miles, Population over 20,000,000, at least 5,000,000 Youth,
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