Zone 4

Zone 4 Lt. Governor Woody Woodruff
06000 - Alamo Heights 06073 - Fort Sam Houston

President Kevin Kiser

Secretary Kevin Lawyer

Treasurer Nick Bomba 

President Rick Coleman

Secretary Jack Hopkins

Treasurer Russell Shrader

Meets Every, except the first, Tuesday at 7:00 PM at La Fonda Alamo Heights on Crownhill Meets Thursday at Noon at the Fort Sam Houston Golf Club
Charter Date February 2, 1954 Charter Date May 20, 1971
06006 - Kidsville Bexar County * 06170 - San Antonio

President Gina Groomer-Barbera

Secretary/Treasurer Ronnie Barbera


President Russell Leday

Secretary Diana Ochoa-Johnson

Treasurer Terry Cleveland

Meets Tuesday at Noon at Luby's Cafeteria #3
Charter Date August 28, 2010 Charter Date June 7, 1924
06235 - S.A. Towne & Country 06255 - S.A. Valley High

President Louis Sirianni

Secretary/Treasurer Kathy Woodruff


President Monica Yzaguirre

Secretary Martha Hitzfelder-Blackwell

Treasurer Amberly Diaz

Meets Every Thursday at 7:00 PM at Saritas Restaurant
2235 Lockhill Selma

Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 PM at Golden Wok,
Marbach & 410

Charter Date February 14, 1956

Charter Date May 28, 1962

* Following the Club Name indicates no Officer Elect Report was submitted.